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The soles are too stiff and the tread pattern too aggressive for everyday street runs, but they are ideal for poor weather conditions and trails. New Balances are famously, fabulously comfortable, and in the case of the Fresh Foam Zante V4s, they are also super light. Each of these running shoes weighs a scant 8.

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Their light weight and ability to pack pretty flat also make them great for travel. The Under Armour Toccoa Running Shoe comes in about ten different colors, and eight of them are bright and garish, though you might like them. A few combos, though, such as my favorite, the Moss Green, look more like a casual shoe than a runner. A blend of leather, textile, and mesh on the upper keeps them casual, while a supportive EVA midsole gives decent support. And on the bottom of the shoe, a relatively aggressive tread pattern is good and grippy in varied conditions.

The Variant X. Truly hybrid in nature, the tread pattern is more akin to a standard road shoe, but the thick, impact-ready soles are ideal for stomping up and down the mixed-terrain conditions of the trail. The sole is supportive without being as rigid as that of many trail runners, and the upper is rather thick, offering plenty of support and protection.

And on trails, they definitely minimize heel strikes and keep my foot centered and balanced. For our story on the best gym shoes for men , we talked to ten guys about what they wear to run, cross-train, and more. So I bought these fucking huge and ugly shoes by Brooks called Beasts. I am certainly listening since you've completed 3 Caminos with them.

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What is your son wearing? Magee th Anniversary Collection. These are black color with soft support in white, US size 4. How can you tell a counterfeit sneaker from a real? Can you describe the shoes you're wearing now? I didn't know the word "trainers". Shop assistant: OK, just a moment, please.

Rick M said:. I agree, everyone is very helpful. I am on a budget but I will spare no expense on my shoes, socks and pack. I am looking for a blister free Camino. Gortex is the way I am going for sure.

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I expect to catch a fair amount of rain on my trip. I will have sandals too, for some air during the sunny days. Thank you!

Great advice. JeffV said:. I posted this a while back. Wear the same socks which you will be walking in. If you are going to be using double socks, or liner socks underneath your trekking socks, be sure to wear those combinations when try on footwear.

Bring your backpack loaded with the same amount of weight that you will be carrying. I actually like to add 5 lbs When you are trying on the footwear, put on the backpack. If you use a third party insole or an orthotic for your other athletic, walking, or backpacking footwear, and you want to use them for your new shoes, be sure to bring them along and, if possible, take the factory insole out and switch with the one you brought. With the shoe laces properly tied to minimize your foot from sliding, try to jam your feet in the shoe so that you can feel if your toes touch the front of the shoe.

Toes touching the front of the shoe is a BIG no-no.

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Forget about what size you normally wear, you are shopping for a trekking shoe in the size that you need!!!!! That can mean a shoe size one or more sizes larger than you normally wear. Pay attention to the width of the shoe This, again, is why it is important to wear your backpack and to have the same socks on when trying out shoes. If you are needing a wide width shoe, it is a sad fact that some of the better trail shoe and running shoe manufacturers don't make wide width shoes.

So if the store that you are shopping in doesn't carry what you need and want, go to another store. When you get your new shoes home, do not wear them outside until you are convinced that your purchase is what you want. Some stores very, very few will let you wear them anywhere during the STORE'S warranty period, and either refund the purchase or exchange them should you find the shoes unsatisfactory Join REI, and buy your shoes there. You can actually wear the shoes for a while, including outside, and you have up to a year to return them.

Yes, I just became a member last week when I bought my pack and am looking at the Merrells there. They told me the same thing but it's nice hearing it from someone else. Juspassinthrough Active Member Donating Member. I second working with them because of their exchange policy. I noticed many blisters on the outside heel of many Pilgrims, including minor blisters on my feet in the same location.

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Your feet slide forward on the down hill portions of the Camino, pay attention to how the heel fits. Surgical tape may help for hot spots. Last edited: Oct 10, Gallen to Muxia Personal choice, as shoes are a personal thing as everyone's foot is different. As a distance runner I won't buy a shoe that has to be "broken-in".

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It needs to feel good the first time I put in on and go out for 6 miles. I have worn trail runners in Spain, France, Switzerland, Croatia etc. I have a wide forefoot so I won't suggest any shoes. Just my thoughts. Good luck on finding a good fit! MTtoCamino Veteran Member. The only thing I really push is take whatever shoe you plan on using for at least a 15 mile walk, you will discover usually sooner than later if they tear up your feet.

I thought Merrills would be just right but I found they did not work for me. REI return. Walking is the only way to verify how a shoe will work out. I am also not a fan of goretex. Good luck! MTtoCamino said:. Juspassinthrough said:. I will never go by Gore-Tex My latest pair was 1, sizes over Pictures from El Norte in December.

You will have a great walk. I purchase my hiking equipment at except my backpack at REI. They give you a month to try out the shoe and return it at no cost if it doesn't work for you. I tried about 3 brands before I found the ones that were good for my feet. My fourth did the trick.

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I also use after market shoe inserts because I have bad feet. Gilmore Girl Member. JohnMcM Veteran Member.

Phil Smith Member. Phil Smith said:. Someone introduced me to Gehwol foot cream to avoid blisters on my last jaunt. Worked a treat, no blisters! I will probably wear the same shoes next year for the Madrid Camino. I have experienced some blisters early in the walks but they soon disappeared. HedaP Veteran Member. HedaP said:. And what did you buy?

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I still have not purchased yet. To be honest, this thread has slowed me down a bit, LOL!! But it's good info and I think everyone has helped. I've just been doing a bit more research.

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I might be headed out to try on some more tomorrow. PS I should have said that the bigger shoes might feel like clown shoes to start with and you do need to get used to the extra length especially when walking up and down stairs. Take care. But it takes surprisingly little time to get used to the extra length. Although I am weary about going that much bigger. I've never really had that much swelling in my feet. Australia is far but I am coming all the way from Arizona which will be the longest distance I have ever travelled.

I have never been to Europe so this is a big deal for me.