Lillian (Polka Caprice) (Baritone TC Part)

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Bacon, Commandeing F Co. Henry, Esq. Carnival of Roses of ; piece is Sousa-style -ordinary. Please, sir, give me just one penny, I want to buy some bread for Ma. Most respectfully dedicated to , and sung by Miss Maggie Mitchell in the popular drama of that name. Hassell, Esq. Art Nouveau drawing of couple at table, with enormous hat, 2 color accents, by W. Much popular patriotic sentiment in US at time of Spanish American war. Anna Held a SF theater favorite. Especially composed for SF Examiner. Especially adapted to tune for publication in Atlantic Monthly.

Lillian (Polka Caprice) (Baritone BC Part) Sheet Music by Herbert L. Clarke

Famous rallying song of the Union soldiers in Civil War. This one rallies people to fervor of yore; manifest destiny party line.

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Lillian (Polka Caprice) (Baritone TC Part) - Kindle edition by Herbert L. Clarke. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Digital Sheet Music for Lillian (Polka Caprice) (Baritone TC Part) by Herbert L. Clarke scored for Baritone/Piano; id

As sung by Eleanor Mora. Celebrates good time girl; sung by Chas. Harris trade mark at bottom. Copy 2 in better condition.

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Lamara U. MS Leonora the Miller's Daughter - vcl. Peters unknown 58 Many long, long hours I've been waiting Steinhagen, R. High school seniors may aggregate points across performance events on a given instrument i. Who'll buy my blackberries?

SF Sunday Examiner musical supplement; printed by Geo. Hagans, Music Type, Clay St.

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Large inset photos of Fougere, one full length in sexy costume, the other head and nearly naked shoulders; photos by THORS; art nouveau frames. See also orig.

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Macy S. Also musical jokes, ads, particularly full page back cover by Waldteufel offers Foreign Music orders and daily shipments, attention to Teachers, schools, etc. Gobbaerts, op. Streaborg, op. Wiilliam Gooch, Covent Garden Waltz. Giffe; piano pieces: Farewell, by Albert Jungmann, op. Blake; Sherzo sic by S. San Jose singers featured included Dr. Charles M. Contains synopsis and lists of cast, musicicians, Forest Play organization and comittees on production. Howard Hanson was Music Director, and composed music for the play.

National music publ. Wakefield Spanish ballad. Fragment only National music publ.

Masins, Oscar Wilde Galop pno, arr. Gatty; Mascotte Galop pno, arr. Baker , The Knight and the Maiden song by R. Daynes , Infinita song by U. Burnap , All Aboard! Kucker by M. Smith ; Un Souvenir pno by J. Funke ; Once Again song by Lionel H. Kunkel Bros. Loeschhorn , The Song of Fionnuala, by Thos. Ads on back cover for natl. Fancy engraved cover with organ pipes, statues, orch. Opening of Beethoven Conservatory in St. Assn, Respect Due the Musical Profession. Music-Behr, Houseley, Messer, Preyer. Line drawings surround title, engraving style; Grecian robed piper , bust of Apollo in laurel wreath frame.

In this issue: musical study abroad, student musicales,Presser in Europe,Scharwenka tours. Music-Heller, Housely, Morey. In this issue: technical and performance issues,conversation on music by Anton Rubenstein pt. Music-Vendel, Bohm, Geibel, Reinecke. In this issue: graduating, Beethoven, The Sheet Music Question[editing, cost policies, bad printing for economy, etc. In this issue: news from as far west as aKansas jubilee,Grieg and his review of Schumann, quality of pianos, bio and musical history. In this issue: amateur musical societies, Joseffy, study for boys, Rubinstein.

Assn convention in Denver, Columbia College music chair. In this issue:India rubber, women as piano tuners, historic anecdotes, business, Gottschalk. CA Music Festival Assn. Mason, Geo.

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In this issue:Prize Essay Number ; music as a business, prize essays on teaching as a business, educational value of concerts, Mlle. In this issue:symposium on Music in American ocolleges, Library of Congress music dept. In this issue:personal magnetism, the studio, American Colleges II, orchestral effects on piano, harmony, Schubert,Spreckels music stand for Golden Gate Park, musical character-sketches available.

In this issue: musicians abroad, development of musical life in a community pt.

Indianapolis Journal,Indianapolis, Marion County, 18 April 1891

Second St. In this issue:Leipzig conservatory, bio picture gallery, American music,definition of the cultivated man Harvard Pres. Eliot , Music study club, pure vs. In this issue:musical conditions in Southern states, southwest, Elgar, influence of teacher on pupil. Then she whispered, "Mammy loves you, You're as sweet as 'possum pie. Go to sleep, my baby, While your Mammy sings a lullaby.

You better dry your eyes my little coal black rose, and hush-a-bye.

Euphonium Solo: "To a Wild Rose" - McDowell.

You better go to sleep and let those eyelids close, oh don't you sigh. I was wishing that I had the riches to buy, All my dreams as I sat by the fire. What a life I would live, what could riches not give, What more could a heart desire? When my poor little mother drew close to my side, "There are some things, my child, you can't buy," she replied:. You can't buy your sunshine at twilight, You can't buy the moonlight at dawn. You can't buy your youth when you're growing old, Nor the life when the heartbeat is gone. You can't buy your way into heaven, Though wealth may hold power untold.

And when you lose your mother, you can't buy another, If you had all the world and its gold. Mother's eyes beam on me, in their depths I can see, Light of love far more precious than gold; Silver threads in her hair, and her brow lined with care, Tell me she is growing old. Then I see that the teardrops are dim in her eyes, As she smiles through her tears, I can't help realize:.

You can't buy the sunshine at twilight, You can't buy the moonlight at dawn. What a fine party we had the other day. There was all kind of mischievous people there. And then just before we broke up for the night, we all had a wee drop of liquor. Aye, we had a wee drop to drink, hmm? Well, a wee drop enjoyed is a wee drink of liquor. The sort of man, that will and can in all things do his share.

Every time we have a row she calls me many a name. She goes about and never speaks, and I just do the same. Pack your bags. Oh well, If ever a man in America whose wife told him to pack his bag was to do do and join the army, ha Why even the Russian army would look for a pea in the drum Oh, dear me, what worries me more. Jimmy was a soldier brave and bold, Katy was a maid with hair of gold. Like an act of fate, Kate was standing at the gate, Watching all the boys while on parade.

Kate smiled with a twinkle in her eye, Jim said, "M-M-Meet you b-b-bye and bye. K-K-K-Katy, beautiful Katy, You're the only g-g-g-girl that I adore, When the m-m-m-moon shines over the c-c-c-cowshed, I'll be waiting at the k-k-k-kitchen door. No one ever looked so nice and neat, No one could be just as cute and sweet, That's what Jimmy thought, when the wedding ring he bought, Soon he'll go to France the foe to meet. Jimmy thought he'd like to take a chance, See if he could make the Kaiser dance, Stepping to a tune, all about the silvery moon, This is what they'll hear in far off France:.