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Alone in Space never tells us outright why the Earth was dying, meaning the giant spaceship on which we find 12 year old Gladys Ella Rae Rappaport and her six year old brother Keaton Dante Fleischanderl was built, but you could certainly fit a message about climate change to the situation here.

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Compact at just 83 minutes, Alone in Space divides roughly into two parts. The first half is spent with Gladys and Keaton as they go about normal life aboard Svea XIV, by themselves but for a computer that only sporadically works and speaks only Japanese. Not a lot actually happens in this section of the film, but it allows its young stars to build credible characters that we enjoy following.

Each morning he asks the computer to play back the same video file, of Gladys filming Speedy holding him as a baby.

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The close relationship between brother and sister is nicely established here and Rappaport and Fleischanderl, as well as giving appealing and convincing performances in their own right, bounce off each other well. Keaton, hoping that the strange noises they heard after the crash signalled that his mother was, at last, back, views the new arrival with suspicion. Again, we can see messages in here, lightly touched upon but there for those who want to explain them to the target audience, about Gladys and Keaton as refugees and about the way that we can — usually wrongly — view outsiders with an assumption that they mean us harm.

The building of their relationship and the way that he slowly tries to win Keaton round is charming. The film does eventually have to give way to something like a typical action finale, but it builds on the kids established characters.

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Visually, Alone in Space is a bit of a mixed bag. The design is good, if not wildly original, but the disappointment is the fact that it now seems even Sweden has succumbed to the lure of making their larger budget films entirely in teal and orange. On occasion the brief running time means that the film leaves unaddressed something that could be interestingly explored, this is never more true than with the sequence that explains how the children and Speedy first came to be alone on the spacecraft, which has some pretty horrifying moral implications that could do with further investigation.

The target audience will be thoroughly entertained and their parents will likely be charmed. Sam Inglis has been writing about movies for 20 years. His interests include coming of age movies, horror and exploitation cinema and literally anything featuring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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Gladys Adventure & Safari, Moshi: Address, Phone Number, Gladys Adventure & Safari Reviews: 5/5

At one point I copied these excerpts and sent them to him. Unfortunately they were lost in a fire at his night club. A shrewed and creative businessman,I've always admired his ability to replicate his concepts.

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THE ADVENTURES OF GLADYS & DANTE(volume 1 in the series)Meet Gladys: divorced mother of two working as a secretary for a jerk. Gladys is secretly in. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Adventures of Gladys & Dante (Volume 1) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews.

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