The Jury Has Spoken (A Legal Thriller Short Story)

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The Closing. Ken Oder. Murder Among Neighbors. Parnell Hall. The Preacher. Paradise Falls. The Case Against William. Raw Bone. Scholarly Pursuit. Snow Kills. The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell. Meanwhile, in an insane asylum on the outskirts of the city, a doctor attempts to unlock the secrets of six notorious killers, all of whom claim to have been driven to their crimes by a demonic figure.

American Heroin by Melissa Scrivner Love. Whisper Network by Chandler Baker. Chaos ensues, but the trio is prepared to fight fire with fire—no matter who gets burned. Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh. When Hollywood actor Bobby Solomon is arrested for murder, defense attorney and former con artist Eddie Flynn vows use to every trick in the book to get him acquitted. But a serial killer with an intense interest in Solomon has a few tricks of his own—and one of them is about to land him in the jury box.

Early raves from Michael Connelly, Ruth Ware, and Lee Child make this serial killer-legal thriller mash-up a must-read.

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And yes, also sign up to be the first to hear about giveaways, our acquisitions, and exclusives! Order now:. Edvardsson When their year-old daughter Stella is accused of brutally killing a much older man, pastor Adam Sandell and his lawyer wife Ulrika rush to her defense. Cemetery Road by Greg Iles Back in his hometown of Bienville, Mississippi to care for his ailing father, hot-shot journalist Marshall McEwan catches the unmistakable whiff of corruption surrounding a lucrative deal to bring a Chinese paper mill to town.

No Exit by Taylor Adams If you think getting stuck overnight in a highway rest stop with four strangers and no cell phone service sounds like your worst nightmare, think again. Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman In s Baltimore, year-old housewife Maddie Schwartz walks out on her husband to pursue a journalism career. Temper by Layne Fargo The theatre is a dangerous place in this edgy psychological thriller that features dueling narrators.

Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh When Hollywood actor Bobby Solomon is arrested for murder, defense attorney and former con artist Eddie Flynn vows use to every trick in the book to get him acquitted. Follow Us on. Also, legal fictions have been invalidated as being contrary to public policy , as, for example, in the High Court of Australia 's rejection in the Mabo cases of the doctrine of terra nullius , the legal fiction that there were no property rights in land in Australia before the time of European colonization.

Henry Maine argued that legal fictions seem an ornate outgrowth of the law that ought to be removed by legislation. Jeremy Bentham sharply criticised the notion of legal fictions, saying that "fictions are to law what fraud is to trade. William Blackstone defended them, observing that legislation is never free from the iron law of unintended consequences. We inherit an old Gothic castle, erected in the days of chivalry , but fitted up for a modern inhabitant. The moated ramparts , the embattled towers, and the trophied halls, are magnificent and venerable, but useless.

The interior apartments, now converted into rooms of convenience, are cheerful and commodious, though their approaches are winding and difficult.

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In the novel Joan and Peter by H. Wells , Peter's parents die in a sailing accident.

As it is not known which parent dies first, a legal fiction is applied maintaining that the husband, being a man and therefore stronger, lived longer. This decision results in the father's will determining Peter's legal guardian. However, later in the novel a witness to the accident declares seeing the mother floundering some time after the father has disappeared, and so the legal fiction is overturned and the mother's will is followed, providing Peter with a new legal guardian.

Wells was in fact in error as to the English law, which instead presumes that the older person died first. In Act II, Scene 1 of Gilbert and Sullivan 's The Gondoliers , Giuseppe Palmieri who serves, jointly with his brother Marco, as King of Barataria requests that he and his brother be also recognized individually so that they might each receive individual portions of food as they have "two independent appetites".

He is, however, turned down by the Court made up of fellow Gondolieri because the joint rule " In the novel Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees , the concept of the legal fiction as a secular substitute for spiritual mysteries and magical illusions is a central theme. Legal fictions in the novel include referring to fairy fruit, mention of which is taboo, as woven silk fabric in order to allow the law to regulate it; and declaring members of the country's Senate "dead in the eyes of the law" in order to remove them from office, since the senators serve for life.

Legal fictions derive their legitimacy from tradition and precedent, rather than formal standing as a source of law.

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Historically, many legal fictions were created as ad hoc remedies forged to meet a harsh or an unforeseen situation. Conventions and practices over the centuries have imparted a degree of stability both to the institution of legal fictions and to specific legal fictions such as adoptions and corporate personhood that have been repeatedly invoked in judicial precedents. While judiciaries retain discretion in the use of legal fictions, some general propositions regarding the appropriateness of using legal fictions might be expressed as follows:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fact assumed or created by courts which is then used in order to apply a legal rule. Not to be confused with legal drama , legal thriller , or police procedural. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.